As World War II draws to a close in Europe, a lone German submarine slips past Allied forces and makes its way to the southeastern coast of the United States. There, under the cover of darkness, a coterie of fugitives from Germany's Third Reich slips ashore and proceeds to a safe haven in the southern U.S. The story jumps ahead 50 years, and the Senior Senator from Alabama is now poised to become the most powerful man in the world, the President of the United States. But, an anonymous e-mail to the Washington-based Public Service Institute (PSI), casts a shadow over the candidate's true identity. "He's not what he seems," the message warns. "The answer is in Elberta, Alabama." The Executive Director of PSI is Will Donovan, a lawyer and former Alabama State Senator. Donovan is puzzled, but he follows his instincts. The answer to what is in Elberta? he asks. Donovan and his colleagues-a former FBI agent, a retired Army general, a savvy political activist and the daughter of a political icon-lead the covert search. They uncover a tangled web of deception, international conspiracy and assassinations-all supporting this ruthless grab for power.
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