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In 1925, The Shah of Iran tests all the Iranian children, ages five and six. Of these, twenty-six of the brightest will be selected and nurtured in the ways of the western world. The children's education would protect Iran in years to come. The discovery of oil and his distrust of the westerners is behind the Shah's determination.One boy by the name of Quasaam, tests genius and proves it later in years. They call in Quasaam to help solve a catastrophic problem when they tell him that Iran will runout of oil in the year 2008.Quasaam contrives a scheme-A study is made to choose the most brilliant college student in the United States, having political tendencies. Harry Truman Strongwater is chosen. Later, the Iranians manipulate him to go to Iran. When he arrives at the embassy, the militants storm the American Embassy and they hold the Hostages for 444 days. During that time Harry goes through a brain metamorphose. The purpose is for Harry Strongwater to befriend Iran when he is pressed into becoming President of the United States. Davood the overseer for Iran and Chris Cavanaugh from the Irish Republican Army carry out the plan in the United States. All goes well until he asks Chris Cavanaugh to kill the President if he fails-"I can buy the Vice President."
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Hostage 444 - Larry Koster

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