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Often it seems the words-they just automatically appear before you. Shot like a laser onto the paper-perhaps yanked directly from inside your spirit-self. In 1976 a neon ray of yellowish-orange light shined upon a Cheerio Dan Gleason was about to enjoy. Its reflection scalded his retinas, blinding the youthful chap-completely disabling his ability to imbibe. Upon relating this incident to his parental units, Dan was called a liar, and sent to bed early for not finishing his meal. But what he beheld-it was no mirage. For as he rested, The Three-Toed Sloth Of Truth And Knowledge appeared before him, wearing its customary purple and mauve leotard, and divulged to Dan the meaning of this occurrence. The boy rubbed the beast's face-its chosen method of revelation-leading the sloth to inform him that every time he would put his head to rest, this ray would return to him and tell a story. And if he were to write these anecdotes down, well-then perhaps he might just find himself a place in this world. So ever since he has picked up the pen each morning to scribe. And this act has culminated in the book, The Return Of Kebab-Dan Gleason's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2, which may or may not set your galaxy aflame.Dan Gleason's writing has appeared on such websites as,, and stopgostop. He has read live at Quimby's Bookstore, Phyllis's Musical Inn, Gallery Cabaret, Gosia Koscielak Gallery, etc. And he hopes to meet you at one of his readings in the near future. And after the perfunctory greetings, he would like very much to hold your hand.
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