Bella and Fred
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SENIORS DO IT SLOWER When you step into your golden years, you will find more joy in sex than you could have ever imagined. The foreplay and the fondling are sustained for a long time. Although you will be able to reach only one climax in so-many hours, the feeling that you will experience can be described only as out of this world. You will have to live it to know exactly what Bella and Fred are talking about. In this book, Bella and Fred narrate the intimate details of over two dozen lovemaking sessions in a play-by-play manner from the time they get together through the extensive fondling and foreplay and finally the incredible climaxes that they bring to each other.Read this book and experience: Making love to each other for the first time.What to do when you get to your lover's bedroom.Enjoying skinny-dipping with your sex partner.Playing Sex Strip Poker.Making out in the shower.Flirting in a Jacuzzi.Doing it at 35,000 feet.Using a tungdom.Waking up your sex partner.Making love during a basketball game.Dancing in the nude.What not to do when you are horny.This book is based on real people. The names and some locations have been changed to protect their identities.You will love to read every chapter from start to finish, with or without your sex partner. RESTRICTED-ADULTS ONLY
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