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The play is set in Washington, DC. Thomas “Tom” Crossdale and hiswife, Mavis, are immigrants from the fi ctional Caribbean country of St.Sabastian. They have two children; Faith and Winston. The father, Tom,is unhappy and wants to return to St. Sabastian. This is a source of tensionwithin the family. Matters come to a head when Mavis confronts Tom about hislong history of infi delity. She demands that he change his ways or leave theirhome. He leaves.Over the next year, the family dynamics change dramatically. With Tom out ofthe house, and practically out of their lives, Mavis becomes the bedrock of thefamily. And it becomes clear that the family can survive without Tom; but withoutthe family Tom is adrift and alone. As the family prospers without him, Tom isovertaken by homelessness and illness. And as events unfold, shocking familysecrets are revealed.Jacket Design by Jacqueline Sealey of Dawn Affi liated Services, Inc.
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