The Circle of Seven
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When his master is murdered for his controversial beliefs, a young acolyte named Barall takes up the banner in his name. Leaving everything he once believed behind, Barall flees into the night, his once-unshakable faith in tatters — and with a book so dangerous its name cannot even be said within the holy walls of his former home.As the voice of a new era, he calls blind obedience to the church into question. As a result, he becomes the target of very powerful enemies, the same enemies who sentenced his master and friend to death. The edict issued by the Emissary of Endomar was direct in its intent and meaning: Barall, and those who travel with him, are declared enemies of the church. They are to be found and returned to the cathedral in Anklesh to be laid at my feet, in whatever condition required. Any person found to have granted safe haven, succor, aid or information to the heretic are deemed his allies, and will suffer the same fate.Now, Barall and his followers must find a way to restore balance and sanity to the lands before the church forever silences them.
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