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Since the day they were sent plummeting from Heaven, the fallen angel Lorelei and her twisted lover Sycanthus have had only one aim, to find thirteen ancient and hidden relics that will enable the pair to become the masters of Hell and Earth.

Sycanthus, AKA Spiteful Jack, uses the vilest men in history to achieve this terrible goal, possessing the bodies of Vlad the Impaler, Jack the Ripper and John Wayne Gacy among many, many others.

And today his quest is almost complete....

Their search will take them across the world; London, New York, Chicago, Germany, Palestine and Egypt but can the lowly museum worker Chloe Tynan and her band of ill-prepared friends stay one step ahead of the vile demons? Can they possibly stop the cruel and sadistic creatures before it’s too late....?

Before all Hell is literally let loose?
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SPITEFUL JACK - Michael Foxx

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