Meet Jane. Not the stereotypical, angelic and gentile vicar’s daughter you may first picture in your mind, but more like her ‘Reverend’ father than she ever realised in later years.

‘Expect the unexpected’ - three stories about Jane on her journey of discovery about her own sexuality, naivety, loves and losses. Jane’s innocence and gullible nature open the door to the unbelievable and opens her soul to
the heartache that follows it.

Feel the anticipation of the revelations in her family that shake the security she then seeks to find in her adult life as she falls foul to manipulation in desperation to find happiness and feel the ‘happy ever after’ she craves.

Jane is the kind of person who learns the hard way and feels the devastation of the blows life throws at her, with still, undoubtedly more to come. She is the unfortunate casualty of her self, as she takes the risks others would never dare to try, only to end up in the turmoil of the situations she presents to herself.

Follow the humorous tales of her journey through life and feel the drama it inevitably deals. Witness the highs and lows of the roller coaster of what could only be another adventure pending, because she’s ultimately Jane.
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ISBN: 9781467885379
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