1 Then Methuselah went on to describe the beginnings of Satan as he explained: “ After our Father, Son, and Holy Spirit brought forth that musical angel from their very own glory, they placed him far above all of the other hosts so he could be their example.2 And that illuminated son of our Godhead's greatest brightness was very sure to stand so very tall that all of heaven's troopers were bound to be filled with the greatest awe. 3 So it was destined that it would be that chief cherub alone, who would gladly hold the highest office of our Lord's most anointed light bringer. And he would stand by the throne of God both day and night, and most of the time in between as well.4 But that son of the morning-after would never be fated to stand still, as that musik master played his tabret and pipes like a one man band, who was all strung out by the beauty of a minute waltz that was coming forth like wildfire in half of that time.5 Then he wrote the very first songs that all of heavenly hosts gladly sang, while thebells of Heaven's temple happily rang, and rang. But that musical genius also wrote the sweetest kind of songs that made the most reserved angels to dance, helping them to be willing to move like the fastest wind as they took that most breezy chance. 6 He even put the melody together while penning some very special words of love; Nor would his love songs to our Lord ever fail to be exalted way above our planet's doves. 7 For he was Heaven's spirit of music, who wrote songs of praise and beautiful things.8 And that lyricist even wrote the worship songs that caused all of Heaven to sing.9 So his talent went before him all the way down to earth; Nor would there ever be any other created being that could ever compare musically to his ever matchless worth. “ And it came about that Lucifer soon pulled a Darth Vader and joined the dark side. But in all seriousness that was also the very moment when his destiny was cemented in as a being that would become the laughing stock of the universe in a day to come. So dare to read all about his start according to ancient scrolls which paint him in such a clear light that even Hell with all of it's fire would be made to seem pretty dark in comparison. overshadowed.
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