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In “Thus saith The Lord” some ancient apocryphal have inspired our Everlasting Light of Lights to speak to modern man. For it came about that this author had a dream and imagined that our Almighty Lord then said, “My name, My unsearchable ways, and My glory are unto all eternity; And the judgement of my might shall maintain its right in its own time. Therefore, behold! the extremely uneasy days of My Father's wrath swiftly comes with His judgements demanding as they will, just a His laws have always demanded obedience. 2 And the times shall hasten more than the former, And the seasons shall speed on more than those that are past, And the forthcoming years of the last days shall pass more quickly than the present years. This therefore shall be the sign. When a stupor shall seize the inhabitants of the earth, and they fall into many tribulations, and fall into great torments it will then come to pass that all of mankind's unfaithful shall abandon all of their hope as they surrender to Satan's very best handiwork . 3 Then that time shall arise which brings affliction with quick vehemence, coming in the heat of some very righteous indignation. And it shall come to pass in those very perplexing days that all the inhabitants of the earth shall be moved one against another, because they know not that Jehovah's judgement has finally drawn near as He long ago promised in the very back of the Holy Bible. 4 For there shall not be found many wise at that time, And the intelligent shall be but a few: Moreover, even those who understand what's really going on will mostly stay silent due to their wisdom, while envy arises to challenge every peaceful soul with the kind of passion that shall angrily become violent. 5 And there shall be many wild rumors flying about as a parrot that constantly screams that the end days are upon everyone who calls themselves citizens of earth. But honor shall then speedily be turned into shame, while many very strong strengths are increasingly mocked, due the kind of growing contempt that shall also change some real beautiful things into one's that are pretty darn ugly to see. 6 Behold! the days now come forth when the time of the age has ripened. And the harvest of its evil and good seeds has finally come under the light of God's reprove,which the Mighty One will bring upon the earth, and it's inhabitants, and upon its rulers. Then shall an honorable spirit quietly stand next to those with stupor of heart. 7 And those two states shall hate one another, provoking one another to fight. 8 And the mean hearted shall then rule over the honorable, And those of low degree shall be extolled above the famous. And many shall be delivered into the hands of the few. 9 And those who were nothing shall rule over the strong. And the poor shall have abundance beyond the rich; And the impious shall exalt themselves above the heroic things that all of humanity have always gazed upon with fervour of soul. 10 And the wise shall be silent, while the foolish shall speak ever so slowly. 11 And when those things which were predicted have come to pass, then shall confusion unexpectedly fall upon all men, good and bad, just and unjust, at the very same time, as some of them fall into desperation, while many perish in great anguish. 12 And some of them shall be destroyed by their own doings. Then the Most High will reveal those peoples whom He has prepared before as His elect. And they shall come and make war with the leaders that shall then be left. 13 And it shall come to pass that whosoever gets safely out of the war shall die in the earthquake. And whosoever gets safely out of the earthquake shall be burned by the fire. 14 And whosoever gets safely out of the fire shall be destroyed by famine. 15 For the earth shall quickly devour it's very own inhabitants. And it shall come to pass that whosoever of the victors and the vanquished escapes all these above said things they will be delivered into My open hands during the r
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