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In The Rapture Age a great fictional description of that event has been penned. It therefore describes those happenings in a past tense as though it's already happened in a twinkling of an eye. Then from out of the great blue our whole world swiftly erupted with the force of millions of volcanoes, all spewing out grunge at the very same time; 'Twas also then the most fantastic hour when shock and awe ruled ever so mightily! 2 And all manner of moving vehicles that should have stopped, didn’t. 3 But all types of things that shouldn't have stopped, abruptly did; Nor was there anyone left alive that expected those outrageous times of true upheaval. 4 For as the great tribulation suddenly began, all of the clocks everywhere seemingly froze up solid; Time, itself, was deathly afraid of moving ahead as it looked back towards that mouth-dropping hour of transition in horror. 5 Even the spirit of terror must have been shaken when billions of people were scared straight into crooked paths that were filled with great fear. 6 And all of that happened since an unseen disaster mysteriously hit our planet really hard between her eyes, as she was thrown for a very big loop. 7 But it also came to pass, that our old calendar instantly faded away as a new timetable immediately came into being without any notice to anyone. 8 For it then become the year 0001 A.R., After Rapture, while a brand new definition of “pandemonium” was speedily ushered in. 9 And that day of awful panic started like any other; 10 But it would soon end as no other ever had since our Lord of Prophecy came and went like “a thief in the night,” just as 2 Peter 3:10 long ago foretold. 11 As a result, that instantly became the most horrific day of all times; 'Twasalso the real confusing moment when the bewilderment of our globe's remaining souls suddenly began to run much faster than “rampant” ever meant before. 12 'Twas therefore the very dangerous hour of no safe bets; All bets were off! 13 For that day rudely brought forth a towering event that stood much taller than every past catastrophic event, all stacked on top of each other. 14 And all of the above hastily unfolded like a well scripted mystery, while some very intriguing devilish music played ever so silently in the background. 15 But most people heard nothing whatsoever since those sounds of our universe's applauding heavens were well muffled within their hearing. 16 And that was more than unfortunate; For the sounding of the trumpet from 1 Thess 4:16 would have been music to any soul that had ears to hear.
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