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Anderson Woodbury is a recent recipient of a scholarship to Maine’s Harley University where he intends to achieve his life-long dream of becoming a Sports Psychologist. Almost on arrival he is faced with a desperate dilemma: should he stand by and allow women rugby players to put their lives at risk through unsafe practices or should he jeopardize his career before it has started by challenging the establishment? Passions run hot as players, parents, professors and friends take sides: even the experience and cool head of professional tennis player April Brooker, Anderson’s closest confidante, may not be enough to stop him from being sent down in disgrace.Other titles in this series include:Playing AdvantageOther Books by John Dutch include:April BrookerApril Brooker: The TournamentApril Brooker and Emily McLeanApril Brooker: The FamilySunshine When I Need a Hand
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ISBN: 9780595726189
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