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Epistola. A book containing three poetic narratives as a collection of letters encompassing the pleasures and struggles of love gained, love experienced, love lost, and the hope to love once more And you invite me into your garden Where the roses are in full bloom Where the petals are moist from the rain And showers of passion come With each encounter, with each touch intermingled with psychological and spiritual essays regarding separation, war, death, and disillusionment. My inamorata withdrew to her desuetude Upon the cloaked harbinger's visitation Now free from her feverish ravaged body She is sheltered beneath seraphim wingsSoothed by the sweet angelic resonanceMy beloved sleeps amidst the rosesThe poet provides additional congeries of verses commenting on topics from cities visited, native America, history ... to introspectives, personal experiences, and tributes to heroes, minstrels, and bards of times past ... Oh poets of old Recite your verses and stanzas, chant your songs,And write your poetryOh poets of old Cause children to dream, the elderly to reminisce,And the young to have new fervor and zeal
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