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Your Inalienable Right!
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Imagine yourself safe, secure and confident. Wham! You're stabbed and beaten - you end up bloodied, broken or worse. Whether it be from drug addicts, road rage, home invasion robbers or a psychotic criminal, you face a plethora of threats every day. It makes no difference if the crime rate is on the decline or not if you or a loved one becomes a victim. Here is a refreshingly succinct and timely book that deals with your personal protection and defense. Make no mistake - this work is not designed to instruct you on how to become a Karate Grandmaster nor does it guarantee you'll win 600 street fights. What this excellent guide does is provide easy to undertand information to assist you in protecting yourself while reinforcing your inalienable right to defend against any attacker. It is for anyone, male or female, that is interested in their personal safety and security or that of a loved one. Now, be safe, secure and confident.
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