Unable to unlock the emotion from early traumas in life, I found the key was poetry. Hanging on to the words and the rhyme till my day was finished, I would run to the computer trying to save every thought. Like an uncorked bottle of champagne the emotion flowed through the poetry lines. From love and passion, to the sad and loneliness one finds in everyday life. The poetry was hot but the healing had started. Poetry is what comes when the stress of life becomes too much to handle. The mood of each moment. Feeling the pain and the passion sometimes in inanimate objects. Poetry expresses emotion in a way other people can understand. A reflection of life for the reader and the author. A point of connection on every page. Every person has a key to unlocking their emotion, and for me it is poetry. Most of us have a need to let our emotion out. This book can be the start of that outflow. It is soft and introspective. A look at culture in a new and different light.
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