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Artemis, Sadeigh, Artie, Homer, and Nelda the Nerd are a group of heartwarming, funny, and surprisingly "real" children. When Artemis turns thirteen, she suddenly discovers that she's a fairy and that her klutzy best friend Sadeigh is a witch. A normal day for Artemis involves watching Sadeigh boil the homemaking teacher's glasses in soup, Artie's ongoing battle with Principal Brown to keep his beloved crossing guard stop sign, and the band teacher's lessons requiring the students to "become" their instruments or pirouette around the band hall. Things take a turn for the worst, however, when Principal Brown's niece, a young witch with a taste for mischief, begins to make trouble for Sadeigh. This is a story about friendship, magic, and the adventures of a unique group of children who solve their problems not through magic but by simply being themselves.
Published: iUniverseBooks on
ISBN: 9781469723358
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