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Among the books written about the Hurricane Katrina tragedy, Grace Amid Tragedy stands out with its broader perspective and inspiring message. As a Red Cross volunteer, Jim Clark was a first-hand witness to the catastrophic damage and the heart-wrenching stories. Going beyond that, however, Clark finds the silver lining in this literal storm, with recognition of the Katrina response as the largest outpouring of donations, volunteers, and compassion in our country's history. Chronicling the courage and spiritual growth of a handful of hurricane victims over the five month period after the hurricane, along with his own sense of personal growth, we are left with an uplifting and insightful testament to the human spirit.Fifty percent of the profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the hurricane Katrina rebuilding effort."If you're seeking more meaning in your life, this book is an inspiring guide. Jim Clark's descriptions of his experiences with the Hurricane Katrina relief effort make us all feel more alive, connected, and open to our own intuitive, wake-up calls."-Susan Skog, author.
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