The Bigfoot Experiment
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Chad Gamin has been missing for over a year and thought dead. His friend Andrew Bridgeton has given up the search, but then he gets a call from a frantic stranger telling him Chad is alive, imprisoned on Morey Island in the Puget Sound. Andrew will take a team to the island, owned by the madman Victor Morey, and try to rescue his friend.Horror is waiting. Andrew quickly discovers that there are many dangers lurking in the dark and saving Chad will be much harder than he thought. When Victor’s experiments are set free everyone on the island will be fighting for their lives to escape.In Kalama, Washington, Robert Kincary has this feeling that he is being watched. It was the same feeling he had as a kid when he spotted a Bigfoot in the woods. Has the creature returned? If so, what does it want? The answer will change Robert’s life forever.Also included is the short story “The Calling of the Grandfather.” The Grandfather, the old Sasquatch, is now the last of its tribe hidden away near Mount Saint Helens. It has wanted revenge on a certain manthing for years and now it will be given the opportunity.
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