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Fifteen-year-old Winston Hassloc had a happy home life—until his father died while trying to rescue a stranger. The tragic loss makes him question his faith in a loving God. Why would God take his father away, when his father was just trying to help? To escape the painful past, his mom moves them away from their hometown and to a strange, unfamiliar place called Miller Falls. It is there that the painful truth about Winston’s father comes out: his dad committed suicide.Winston can’t believe it. His father was so strong; how could something like this happen? And why did his mom keep it a secret so long? Disturbed by the news, Winston’s faith is further shaken. What kind of God would cast despair on a man like Winston’s dad? While wrestling with these questions, Winston sees an abduction. The estranged father of his new neighbors swoops in and tries to kidnap his own kids.Playing hero, Winston saves the son, not realizing the daughter was in the getaway van. The young girl’s name is Libby, and now Winston makes it his mission to save her. He must conduct an investigation of his own, and it won’t be easy. He’ll need God’s help to find Libby—but Winston still wonders if God is even listening—if God even cares. Only time will tell if this troubled young man will rediscover his faith in time to save Libby.
Published: CrossBooks on
ISBN: 9781462714353
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