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Why do our young black men overwhelmingly desire to become rappers or basketball players, rather than doctors, lawyers, or business and community leaders?
Black America is facing a national crisis. Our boys are failing, and we are failing our boys. Research shows a significant achievement gap between black and white boys,
and black boys fall far below black girls in college graduation rates.

Many of the statistics quoted in How to Become a Successful Black Man are alarming:

• Fifty-eight percent of black boys do not graduate from high school, and in New York City that statistic rises to more than seventy percent
• The justice system looks at third- and fourth-grade scores in order to decide where to build jails
• One in three black men between the ages 20 and 29 years old is under correctional supervision or control

The reasons behind this crisis are many, but overwhelmingly our black boys are growing up without positive male role models. Like many from within our community

Mrs. Drummond- Simpson wants to help find a solution to this problem. She interviewed and researched “successful black men” from different backgrounds, who

followed various careers. These profiles provide hope and different paths to success, but with some common themes.

We now have the ultimate role model of a black president in Barack Obama. We know everything is possible. From his book, Dreams from My Father, the president

tells lessons of his childhood and what helped him become the man he is today. Throughout How to Become a Successful Black Man, black men illustrate how they

became successful and overcome the challenges many of our boys face on a daily basis. They show how to overcome undesirable peer pressure and negative

influences on their lives. They show the power of education.

The author also gives advice on how to effectively handle the encounters with law enforcement that many black men face.
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