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The Parable of the Hand and the Glove

Length: 60 pages9 minutes


The Parable of the Hand and the Glove: A Spiritual Awakening is the story of a beautiful peaceful, forgiving, divine hand that had deep gratitude, love, and compassion for everyone. The hand was happy with others and circumstances just as they were. It had great energy, which it used to bless everyone while interacting enthusiastically with other hands without negative judgment. The hand’s communications were always uplifting.

Then the hand noticed that the other hands had gloves on all of the time. When the hand was wearing a glove, no one ever saw what was happening inside the glove. It became increasingly difficult to distinguish between the hand and the glove. Soon, the hand forgot that all the gloves had hands inside, and it began thinking it was a glove.

This hand could instantly put on a glove for just about any situation. The glove loved being right even more than it liked being at peace! It would do anything to get nicer possessions, greater security, higher status, and more attention. As a glove, the hand was certain that happiness was just around the next corner. But the glow from the attention and the new acquisition didn’t last long at all—and that was where the trouble began.

If the definition of classic literature is gaining new benefit every time you re-read it, The Parable of The Hand and The Glove is destined to become a classic.

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