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The Body’s Role in Addictions

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The Body’s Role in Addictions explains body processes in a way that people can easily understand and use. Simply telling someone that using a substance is not good for them and expecting a positive response has not worked well. When people understand what is happening in their body, what may have set them up to use in the first place, and how to reclaim their personal power, they are more successful in achieving their goals of sobriety. Empowering people to reclaim their lives also positively touches the lives of loved ones, family members, and friends. As an adjunct to focusing on the traditional “talk therapy” protocol, stabilizing biology and decreasing the misery and discomfort of craving is spectacular in achieving personal recovery goals. It is encouraging to note the increasing number of medical practitioners, treatment centers, clinics, and private therapists using nutritional information as part of the healing process and experiencing exceptional results. In addition to serving as a reference for those in the helping professions, substance users and their family members will also find the information useful in understanding the process of addiction and will be more hopeful in supporting the recovery process.

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