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Guilty Little Secrets: A Loveswept Classic Romance

352 pages6 hours


Seduction knows no limits when two people with secrets join forces in Las Vegas.
Special agent Rosie Malone never expected to find herself wearing a clown suit in some dark alley in Sin City, but she’s undercover in a high-stakes sting. Then a sexy male stripper named Mack starts muscling in on her territory. There’s something about the guy that catches Rosie’s eye, aside from his gorgeous body. What is Mack really after? For that matter, who the hell is he?
As if having to resurrect his old strip routine to infiltrate a vicious crime ring weren’t bad enough, now Mack has the attention of a beautiful clown who’s asking dangerous questions—and getting all the wrong answers. Mack will need to move fast to keep Rosie safe, even if it means revealing his true identity. To stay one step ahead of some nasty thugs, they team up by posing as newlyweds on a dream vacation. Now Rosie and Mack must bring down their quarry while running for their lives—and falling in love.

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