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Ugly duckling, Maizah "Maizy" Winston, struggled most of her life with her weight, depression, and a neglectful abusive family. With a determined heart, support from newfound friends, and an unconventional exercise routine she has the confidence to get the lusty gaze from guys that never wanted a thing to do with her before.Luckily for Mixed Martial Artist mega-personality, Mallory 'Neanderthal' James, she only has eyes for him. He's always been sure of himself with everything to back it up. The only one to knock him off his feet though was shy and quiet Maizy. Yet after their first date it’s obvious it’s going to take more than his direct personality to break through her defenses. With the help of mutual cohorts he’s able to ensure and keep a watchful eye on her achievements as well as fend off his competitors. Waiting for the proper time to make his move for her heart once more. Now it’s a question of if Maizy will see his interferences as manipulations or what they were intended. To help her see herself like he’s seen her from day one. Beautiful. Follow a tale told with Fraud’s theory of Ego, Superego, and Id in place while two people from different paths learn to give in to their primal desires...34K Word Count
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ISBN: 9781468902075
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