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On My Way is a book that summarizes the angles in life that most people struggle with, but have trouble putting their finger on. It is a blend of the straight truth with a nice mix of good old fashioned values and advice.Everyone in life goes through some sort of tough time. Whether a person is attractive, wealthy, not so wealthy, nice, or mean, everyone has a trial. Instead of wondering what the trial might be, perhaps one would wonder how he will respond when his trials arises. Nothing in life seems to disclose a person’s real grit as much as a struggle. On My Way is a perspective of life and trials. It offers viewpoints that are rarely seen and described, however the great part of the book is that they are commonly felt by many people and have never really known how to describe it. On My Way is the book that finally finds words to match the feelings that so many people often experience as they go through hard times and life’s challenges. Then, it offers ideas of coping and survival ideas and perspectives. The book takes you through the early stages of life and the thoughts and ideas that are formed early, all the way to adulthood and the way processes behind how these mindsets are changed. It incorporates the ideologies of our modern society with the choices people make regarding happiness and dealing with the daily on-goings of life. As you read through the book, you have the opportunity to find where the book fits into you and your life, with hopefully a better outlook and result of your personal situation.
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ISBN: 9781475905670
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