One Last Kiss
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The papers dubbed beautiful Thea Harper  Westport a Black Widow. They said she lured Senator Simon  Gallatin to her home for a night of deadly  passion. But psychiatrists insisted it was a short  circuit of the mind, a rare seizure disorder, that had  unleashed Thea's murderous rage. Now, even after  the trial, the gruesome testimony of detectives  and forensic specialists, Thea can't remember the  terrifying moment when she struck Simon down . . .  only its hideous aftermath: the torrent of blood,  the broken corpse, the cold steel bite of the  handcuffs as the police led her away. After six  months in a posh Connecticut mental hospital, Thea is  back home with her daughter, eager to make a new  start. If only the community would let her forget .  . . if only the chief of police wasn't after her .  . . if only the senator's mother wasn't vowing  revenge. And if only Thea could be sure she's really  been cured. For soon the killing begins again.  And once more Thea can't remember . . . even when  she wakes up with her hands stained with blood.
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