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Ani Richardson, a single, sex-addicted woman, tries to analyze, and make sense of her out of control lifestyle. A successful, freelance Consultant, Ani has been out on her own for quite some time. She somehow has been put into the role of the main fi nancial supplier for her dysfunctional family.The youngest of five, her single parent mom, favors her 3 sons, no matter how erratic their destructive lifestyles are. For years, Ani has allowed her family to use her as their personal bank, but mom feels it’s the least Ani can do, for all she has done for “them”. In return, Ani turns to her own addiction, her comfort, sex to feed her misguided needs.Over the years Ani has entertained two main financially stable partners, who have no bottom to their pockets. Not trying to cause waves, Ani tries to “settle down”, and curb her appetite for sex. Question is, can she, and with whom? She knows at some point she has to make that decision, or does she? Every time she thinks she may be ready, her addiction brings her back to where she started, in the arms of others.Life changing decisions are to be made, and Ani is the only one who can do it to save her own sanity.
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ISBN: 9781475906998
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