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Verily, veryily, this is the most exciting literature anywhere on the internet about the gospel of Jesus Christ Almighty. So dare to look at the words of the apostle James as some very recent discoveries have brought forth like a breath of new inspiration from two thousand years ago. And this full gospel offering is a classic of Christian literature that goes far beyond any other known works of our Christian fathers. For it shall be very easy to see that this is a classic work that's unlike anything else. 1 As King Solomon once wrote there's also “a time for every purpose under Heaven.” But as the Dead Sea scrolls say, there's an additional time to cast away old mind sets, and ones to gather some new ideas together. Then there's a very needed time for people to learn about things that will be of benefit, and a real blessed time for them to push forward so they can forget about all of the things that were never profitable to them in any way.”2 And very fortunately, as those age old writings long ago predicted “our Lord of Lords has given Man a time for enlightenment, a time for clarity, a time to discover new truths, and a time for people to turn away from lies. For our Giver of Truth has given mankind a time for curiosity, and a time to satisfy that, as well as a time to seek clear understandings amidst some real fuzzy confusion that was first defined when the word “senile”was born.3 Therefore, humanity has additionally been given a very blessed time to find the solutions to many nagging problems, and the well received time when they could finally grasp onto a few elusive answers that have always seemed to be floating around in a huge polluted sea of some of our world's most puzzling questions.”4 Neither can it ever be denied that “knowledge brings forth the thankful time of resolve, and the time to reject all past misunderstandings,” just as it was written in the Book of Wisdom. So as some new insights come forth about God's most abundant glory “the time of His creation's appreciation shall heighten to the loftiest heights of His most marvellous marvels that could be imagined by those who keep their heads held up high in the clouds.” 5 And as it was said in that wise book of books “every lock has a key, every mystery has solutions, every enigma has a simple explanation, and every bit of God's word shines forth in such a blinding way that the ignorance of darkness has never had a chance to stick around when it rapidly floods in like an out of control storm of the wisest instructions.” 6 Nor can any reader of this Apocryphon gospel of James ever view the life of Christ the same again, once our Lord brings forth his increased enlightenment, which He faithfully promised His elect in the very last chapter of the Book of Daniel. 7 Then after His promises are embraced like the kind of hope that was always out of reach before, the people of the Lord may gladly celebrate the time of His millennial reign as it swiftly comes forth upon the holiest winds of God's most amazing amazements.8 In the meanwhile though, this book brings forth some brilliant new insights into Christ's character through the words of James, discovered at the Dead Sea. And the following words of God's inspiration have been sent to Man so His saints can fully understand the authority that He long ago gave unto them. Only after God's elect fully understand their places can they easily win their hard fought spiritual fights against some real stormy satanic powers that always love to thunder away silently all throughout the evil power of the air that's up in the heavens. Therefore, be thu blessed!
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