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Renae Clare has lived with the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis including paralysis, depression and fatigue for over 40 years.

This deeply personal account, Potty Mouth, was written as a series of essays after each of her psychotherapy sessions. Her therapist, Dr Cinzia LeValds recommended putting them all together into book form feeling that Renae's completely open and brutally honest voice would help a great many people. She has dealt with abuse, with aging, with disability, and with loss.

Renae's wickedly profane sense of humor shows her optimistic spirit shining through even under the most depressing and difficult times. This book is gut wrenchingly truthful and yet, at times it is laugh out loud funny. It was written for the purpose of healing and forgiving Renae Clare's past and as such there are many things in Potty Mouth that she had never spoken of before beginning therapy. It is written with the thought of helping not only herself but others to find the inner strength and inner peace needed to get through the obstacles that she has come up against over time.

Although she has MS her optimism shines through and she is an inspiration to everyone she meets.

Potty Mouth also includes practical guides to finding help for disabled people and how to keep and restore self-confidence and self worth.

Renae Clare's book hides nothing.
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Potty Mouth - Renae Clare

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