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When his father is killed in an accidental explosion, TNT expert Weavin’ Willie Marcus is suspicious. His father was a specialist - he would not have made that many mistakes. When the word “terrorists” enters the equation, Willie realizes he might be the next target. It is a dangerous time, further complicated with the arrival of the beautiful, charming Jennifer Mason, whom Willie cannot live without. When the dynamiting crew is commissioned to demolish an ancient prison in Jerusalem, Willie experiences the Lord as the Weaver of new beginnings. Willie discovers a mysterious diary in the rubble with an intricately woven cover. As Willie translates, he discovers the author of the diary was a weaver of a different sort—not of wires, but of baskets, and a very particular crown of thorns. Vickie Hodge Holt’s The Weavers is a tale of our humanity, as we struggle daily to make sense of the madness while keeping our eyes on Jesus. The message is a reminder that we are not the first to experience hardship, and that God has a plan in all things. Will Willie reject the plan God is weaving into his life, or will he learn from his ancient predecessor?
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ISBN: 9781462715749
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