What Brings a Soldier to His Knees
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From the Publisher

I have fought the torments of combat and of being a Christian. I always questioned myself with God and war many times and felt that I might have something to say that could help someone else going through the life experiences and having the similar questions. I have learned that we must work together in Christ to make a difference in life. Being a soldier in the United States Army was the life that I knew and wanted. I don’t regret things of the past in service, however I wish peace could happen. God does not hold you accountable for doing what you have to do while on the battle field as long as you do it with integrity and a humble heart. Through this book I have come to terms with what I once could not face. I have been put at ease with many things that once haunted me. My prayer is that, if you too are in the same situation I was, through this book you will find solace. This has drawn my family together even more closely, because God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!
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