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Take A Deep Breath presents real stories from an Upstate New York doctor: how he succeeds after he leaves the farm and proceeds through professional training. The uncertainty from being a student is erased as he matures professionally during Residency—the doctor relates gritty descriptive accounts of the many people in need. Experience his acute clinical decisions—his own mother, critically ill, dying before his eyes as he advances a pacing-wire into her failing heart. Understand why his practice was so remote, far from the ivy towers of academics. He tells of exceptional events—gripping tales of numerous people in extremis—which were routine moments of his Practice. His words bring us near—compel us to smell the antiseptic, the acridity of burnt flesh as well as the pungency of fabric after a fire. Through his prose, one can taste the drama of resuscitation, the salty tears of failure, and the sweetness of success. From an ER to a lakeside drowning, from acute illness to crushing auto injuries, descriptions are up close and personal. All take us on a serious medical ride. David E. Burns MD
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