“Unravel What Is Choking You” Don’t choose to remain in the boat, bound by ropes, not going anywhere. I challenge you to cut this rope, the one that has for a lifetime entangled your true destination. Pain comes in different circumstances and forms of life. Each one of us has experienced some form of pain. You might be a specific individual who avoids uncomfortable circumstances at all cost. If you are that type of individual, it will eventually catch up with you. Is this why you are looking for some kind of relief at this moment? Have you ever looked up the definition of the word “rope”? Picture the huge ropes on a ship that hold it in place. Take a good look at them and realize the weather, wear and tear, pulling and tugging that these huge ropes have endured. They are so tightly woven, you could never unravel them. Ever tried pulling one apart? It will automatically try to curl back together, not wanting to separate. Sound familiar to your past or your emotions? After reading this book, you will know how to cut your rope.
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ISBN: 9781449742850
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