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Archangel Michael taught interactive healing to author Rekha Vidyarthi; through this technique, she has assisted the healing process in people for sixteen years. Michael said to her “You need to heal yourself in order to heal others.” Written with Jesus’s guidance, Healing Hands of Jesus illustrates how you can choose to change the karmic things and past lives that are happening right now. Angels heal many lives at once by healing one personality and integrating one fragment at a time into the higher self, shortening the incarnation of a troubled past and present. Every experience in life is created by unconscious thoughts. Your outer situation triggers your innermost emotions and feelings. The mind requires answers in order to change one’s perspective. Because most answers lie either in childhood or in a past life, it is necessary to look within. The angels trigger our memories to identify the connection, which is when healing begins. Such things as parental imprinting, family karma, ego, anger, fear, guilt, sadness, depression, or learned behavior perpetuate from one life to the next. These issues repeat themselves through many lives until we learn how to heal the issues. Healing Hands of Jesus explains that we must ask forgiveness for the negative things that are happening to us now in order to heal ourselves.
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