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Life is governed by a set of principle and laws, each principle applied will determine the end result. The frame of reference is a systems approach, and the belief that every applied principle is a system even though some of its applications, outputs or end result takes longer to be realized, some are converted into another format than what one has desired. i.e. Nothing goes into a vacuum. This book declares truths and promise given to man from our source of existence. However because of the freedom we have and maybe weakness as man we turn to define our own realities and wishes with no cognizance of the long term effect, consequences or results that are beyond the favor of man. Each decision we make is a product of our reference frame. The frame of reference is a foundation of where all belief enacted sprouts from so when the reference frame is a distorted view, surely nothing genuine will come out of it as said in the book of Psalm 11:3 (KJV)if foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do. Each decision we make ignorantly or wisely have a greater and long lasting impact in our lifetime,than what our human eyes and minds can see or perceive. This for me was an awakening which led me into action and I also believe this Book has the abilities to change your life and enrich you with a positive and relevant mindset.
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