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What keeps you from living joyfully every day? Perhaps you’ve been plagued by too many troubles, or your faith in the Lord’s plan for your life has faltered. If joy doesn’t describe your life, then it’s time to rediscover it.Lessons in Joy presents a comprehensive, uplifting Bible study of the word joy and its true meanings. In this nine-week course, Jana Greer explores the different expressions of joy and demonstrates how to apply them to your life. She examines Old and New Testament uses of joy and similar terms and then reveals the various aspects of this fruit of the Spirit.Each of the nine weeks covers a different theme incorporating various Hebrew and Greek words for joy. Weeks one and two discuss the joy in salvation. Weeks three, four, and five explore aspects of joy through the themes of fogiveness, life, and faith. Weeks six and seven develop the idea of joy in relationships, which culminates in the themes of fullness of joy and God’s joy in weeks eight and nine. Most importantly, every week will provide an opportunity to study and take joy in different attributes of God.As you study the various aspects of joy and look at who God has revealed Himself to be, you will begin to display abiding joy. What are you waiting for? It’s time to experience the awesome power of true joy!
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