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Readers will enjoy double the amount of exotic locales, intrigue, and fast-paced adventure in this paperback omnibus edition.Grk: Operation TortoiseWhen Tim discovers a man badly hurt on a beach, his relaxing holiday in the Seychelles takes on a dangerous twist. He and Grk find themselves speeding towards a well guarded private island in the hopes of foiling a dastardly plot threatening the local endangered giant tortoises.Grk Smells a RatWhile in India to see the famous sites and cheer on Max in a championship tennis tournament, Tim, Natasha, and Grk meet a boy named Krishnan who enlists their help to rescue his sister from a life of forced labor. Racing against time, they find themselves face to face with the Blue Rat Gang's infamous leader. Can they foil his evil plans before it's too late?
Published: Random House Kids an imprint of Random House Publishing Group on
List price: $7.99
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