Food Shopper’s Guide to Small and Large Group Cooking
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Have you ever wondered how many tomatoes to buy when fixing tacos for guests? Have you ever discarded produce or meat because it went bad before you could use it? Most of us probably have experienced this on more than one occasion, including this Author.
With the ever-rising cost of food, saving money at the supermarket is something most of us would welcome. The store’s scale can be a cost-reducing tool as it takes the guesswork out of buying produce. Recipe books and websites list ingredients but often the end result is too little or too much food. This is because recipes often don’t take into account meat shrinkage or produce waste. Also, if the number of servings is provided, we usually don’t know how much a serving amount is. For instance, many chili recipes are based on a 1 cup serving size. While this might be enough for some, 1 cup of chili is probably not even going to fill a typical bowl half full. The solution…this book.
This book is not a cookbook, rather it’s a simple guide as to how much to buy to prepare 60 common foods for 4-50 servings. The following page titled “How to Use This Book” will help you navigate through the book.
Whether you’re a new cook or have 40 years of cooking under your belt, as this author does, this book will help guide you the next time you wonder, how much food do I need to buy?
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