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The Secret of the Fairies describes the appearance and personality of the many mischievous and magical, creatures of the Fairy world, and it also gives the reader tips on attracting magic into their lives by creating their own fairy garden, fairy alter, and allow you to learn the about these very curious and mischievous fairy folk. The Secret of the Fairies is a very enchanting book that will delight many small readers and capture the imagination of adults. From the Fairy Explorer. “I like to view myself as a explorer of the fairy realm, always on the lookout for new and unknown creatures, writing down my experiences in my log book, which I have now decided to share with the world in The Secret of the Fairies. One of my fairy friends is LadyByrd, whom I've given this name because of her wondrous feathered wings all in exquisite blues, greens, and reds, streaked with hints of orange. It's very striking to see her wings outstretched and catching the light, setting in motion a brilliant dance of colours on her feathers. You could say she’s an oddity or, as she would put it, unique among her kind, preferring the company of humans to other faes.”
Published: Trafford on
ISBN: 9781466923850
List price: $3.99
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