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The Real History of Ancient Egypt proves that Dynasties 1 through 6 are the Bible's judges, kings and foreign overlords of Israel while Dynasties 7 through 25 are classical history's empires on the Nile of Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. On the real-time scale, 1 through 6 run from 1480 to circa 589 BC and 7 through 21 run from there to 616 AD. Since ancient Egypt ended in 616 AD with the invasion of Chosroes, there's nothing more to add which is why 22 through 25 run from 292 to 573 AD, the Egyptologists having backtracked unawares. On the Egyptological time scale, these twenty-five dynasties are run from circa 3100 to 656 BC.

This means that the Egyptologists have reconstructed biblical and classical history on the grounds of archaeological evidence but then they ruin this achievement by starting the First Dynasty 1600 years early. Most extraordinary is their digging up the evidence for the Kingdom of Israel in the Nile Valley. The tradition of Palestine is false. Cheops is Solomon.

Proving this is simply done by noting the matchups between Egyptology's events and those of familiar history. These matchups are so numerous and complex that it's obvious that it's all the same history.

The land of the captivity, the biblical Misraim, was never Egypt as it is translated in our Bibles. Misraim was Sumer in Mesopotamia where the infant Sargon I was left in an ark of reeds in the river. That's Moses.
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