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Neo-Africanism: The New Ideology for a New Africa is a vision of an African renaissance grounded in traditional African philosophies of social harmony and mutual interdependence. The author calls for Africans to deconstruct the multiplicity of divisive and antagonistic political ideologies that have dominated Africa since the demise of colonialism and replace them with one harmonious and co-operative political ideology—Neo-Africanism—a unified ideology grounded in the social harmony and interdependence that characterized traditional African life. He shows how this ideology can be applied successfully to the politics, economics, education, and health care of Africa and how it can help create a New Africa—a reawakened, peaceful, and prosperous Africa highly regarded by all the nations of the world. The book is aimed at students of African studies, political science, philosophy, macroeconomics, and international relations, as well as the general population of Africans and the African political elite. Both undergraduate and graduate students will find the book helpful because of the comprehensive analysis and solutions to problems in the important areas of a nation. Unlike existing books, Neo-Africanism provides philosophical guidance that will empower the people of Africa to solve Africa’s problems and to acquire the capability to create sustainable peace and prosperity.
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