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Wisdom Sayings for Our Troubling Times was carefully selected and compiled for those of us who sometimes go through unbalanced spiritual moments we sometimes have to endure. At times, we feel depressed for valid reasons and sometimes for no reason. Most times we are confused and don’t know what to do. We sometimes have to endure rejection but remember “Rejection is not a reflection of your self-worth”.We need to go beyond ourselves and immerge ourselves into deep and powerful Spiritual Meditation. The secret is the content feeling of living and experiencing Harmony and Spiritual Balance. Be at peace with yourself and those around you. For what we feel we transcend into the universe. Every negative vibration we send out, comes back two fold and every positive vibration, comes back tenfold.When you fall off the bike, just get back on and ride it again.So, it is with commitment, determination and passion that we move forward and gain favorable results.Wisdom Sayings for Our Troubling Times does not only provide man’s wisdom and insight but also the wisdom and guidance of God. This book is easy reference and a welcome break to the every day rat-race and our troubling times.Indulge! Don’t be afraid because if the sea is always smooth, you will never become a skillful sailor.The author, my friend and mentor is compassionate, daring and free to indulge in the beauty of life!Explore the pages within and you will be spiritually empowered.
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