Belle Prokoff is the last of a famous generation of painters for whom art was a secular religion—worth any amount of struggle and sacrifice for its promise of redemption. She is also the widow of Clay Madden, who revolutionized American art, became a near-mythic figure, and died in a drunken car crash. Blunt, fierce, and scornful of the world’s hypocrisy, Belle has passionately protected her husband’s memory in the three decades since his death. She has also persevered with her painting while the fashionable art scene fawns over her, not for her own work but for the valuable Madden canvases she clings to as the last relic of her tormented marriage.

Inspired by the lives of Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner, this elegiac, impassioned novel creates a fictional universe full of vivid characters and intense confrontations. It is a tale of betrayal and longing, renunciation and self-discovery: the age-old conflicts of love and art.
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