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Consider these various true experiences:

A young naval commander and his wife experience a tragedy . . . the loss of a child. The following year the same couple experiences the same tragedy . . . and yet they also experience an abiding peace . . .

Upon learning of his coming to Christ, the parents of a UCLA college student fly all the way from Zurich, Switzerland to meet with Campus Crusade founder Dr. Bill Bright. . . to hear exactly what he told their son!

A famous general and literary genius sets out to write a book that would forever destroy the myth of Christianity. . . after two years of extensive study he experiences a dramatic conversion . . . that leads to probably the greatest novel ever written concerning the time of Christ.

Where can you find the context for all of these human interest stories (and more) . . . ?

They're all part of the newly formatted Jesus & the Intellectual . . . the 24-page mini-magazine that combines timeless truth with post-modern packaging!

In his conversational style, Bill Bright goes from point to point, delivering persuasive facts that affirm the claims of Christ and his relevance to our lives. Citing well-known and respected intellectuals from the past like Simon Greenleaf, General Lew Wallace, C.S. Lewis and others, Bill Bright weaves a tapestry of irrefutable evidence in favor of Jesus.

He also exposes the hollowness of the so-called arguments of the outspoken skeptics of the past, and even reveals those skeptics who themselves came to discover the truth about Christ!

In addition, Dr. Bright draws masterfully on personal experience and interaction with REAL people who affirm Christ's life-changing difference and power in their lives.

Jesus & the Intellectual--in its new contemporary, mini-magazine format--is a must-have publication for your evangelistic toolbox. Having this resource within arm's reach makes witnessing easy and effective.

You can be confident knowing that you have a powerful leaving piece to follow up any conversation in which a spiritual opportunity arises.

What does this new mini-magazine offer?
- 24-page digest size is proven effective and has high perceived value
- It's full of quotes about Jesus from well-known and respected intellectuals from the last two centuries who affirm the claims of Christ
- It reveals the hollowness of the so-called arguments of the outspoken skeptics of the past
- It brings to light the spiritual implications of life & reality in a series of compelling and culturally relevant contexts

The persuasive material within Jesus & the Intellectual concludes with the classic Four Spiritual Laws presentation.

Certainly there are people in your life right now you can think of with whom this new mini-magazine would the perfect way to share your faith.
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