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From the mind and mouth of thirteen-year-old D’arcy Finnigan, "Skimmin’ Stones" recounts life in Ireland in turbulent times. It is 1979 and young D’arcy struggles to understand the adult world into which he will soon be thrown. His best friends Mucky (the eejit) and Pinky (the brain) are of little help and struggle with family matters of their own. Issues of love and death, loyalty and deceit, rule the day. It is down by the river that these three friends will iron out the turmoil of their lives and cast the mold of the men they wish to be. A runaway day in Dublin is what it takes to make or break their dreams. Set against the backdrop of a struggling and troubled Ireland, "Skimmin’ Stones" races at a great pace. It is a humorous, poignant, and fearless account of those times. If you remember Joe Mannix, Thin Lizzy, Six Million Dollar Man, learning how to kiss, or white creases down the front of your flared blue jeans, then this is a book for you.

This title is published by Master Publishing and distributed by Untreed Reads.
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Skimmin' Stones

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