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House of Music takes place on a street in an affluent section of Harlem. The play explores the present-day complexities of a group of African Americans and a liberal Caucasian resulting from their experiencing the impacts of the Civil Rights struggle and subsequent Affirmative Action programs. The play is unique for many reasons. First, in most literature, there is one character that serves as the spokesperson for the author. This is not the case in this play. The author believes that in the real world, there is no one person who possesses all truth. This is especially true when presenting the subject matter of this play. Truth is relative; it is also a factor of time. What was true yesterday may not be true today, and the consequence of not being cognizant of this is one of the major issues explored in the play. The author, then, speaks through all the characters because to do so is closer to life’s reality. The play is a discussion between people concerned on very complex issues, and each person’s position is respected and considered with the same weight. It is up to the audience to decide with whom they agree; or it may be that they will agree with more than one character—such is life. The play is an exploration of myriad issues facing the African American community. Some of the issues, however, are universal, and thereby, the play has universal appeal. It is serious, delightful, and often funny. Finally, we have a surprise ending. Enjoy.
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