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Natasha Naturally

Length: 280 pages5 hours


Natasha Noble is so happy. She’s a successful model, with a gorgeous flat in London, an ultra glamorous lifestyle and a movie star boyfriend. When he gets down on one knee and proposes she truly thinks her life is perfect. Until it all falls apart that is! Heartbroken by a bitter a breakup, Natasha is relived to escape the scandal and fly to India for a fashion shoot, but there she is confronted by her greatest challenge yet. For she sees firsthand the plight of the Indian cotton farmers and textile workers who struggle with poverty and the deadly impact of the chemicals they have to use. She longs to do something to help, but what? After all she’s only a model, what can she do? And is she willing to risk her career to do it? Of one thing you can be sure: her choice will lead her on the adventure of a lifetime. Join Natasha on a romantic and inspiring journey as she travels from the ‘A’ list world of modelling to the stark beauty of the cotton fields of India.

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