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Circling Hope

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Are your negative experiences hitching a ride on your shoulders and affecting every area of your life? What would your life look like if you no longer carried your burdens and gave up personal control of your future? In Circling Hope, author Jena Boles shares the story of her early destructive life—how she eventually lightened her load, and how she transformed her perspective and her life.In this inspirational narrative, Boles tells about the negative experiences that shaped the beginning of her life—her parents’ divorce when she was five, her mother’s death from cancer when she was ten, her twenty-one-year-old brother’s death when she was seventeen, a battle with bulimia and unhealthy drinking habits, and her own marriage and subsequent divorce. Circling Hope details Boles’s feelings of loss and abandonment, but it also communicates her transformation—how she came to know the love of God and to live a life devoted to his service.Providing a message of hope, Boles tells her story to show that transformation is possible—let go of the past and let God guide you in your transformation.

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