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The Ones That Got Away

Length: 420 pages9 hours


Investigative reporter Aurora Knight has an appointment at San Quentin prison to visit a death row inmate, a former mob informant, with only days to live. He is counting on her help to get to the truth of what he claims is his wrongful conviction for the murder of his wife and son. Before heading to the prison, Aurora has brunch with a High School friend she hasn’t seen in decades who questions 40-something Aurora if she regrets never getting married or having children. The question is asked- was there one true love that got away?On her way to the prison, Aurora’s SUV is forced over the side of the Golden Gate Bridge and into the icy waters of the San Francisco Bay. As news of her death spreads across the country, her past loves reflect on their time with Aurora and we come to know her through several important relationships from her first love to the man she was supposed to meet later that day. With each chapter we learn more about Aurora the woman, about the loves and experiences that shaped her life, about the man whose life is dependent on her help, and if there were Ones that Got Away.A novel with a strong woman protagonist who is passionate about her career, it spans the course of four decades. With a contemporary theme of the complexity of relationships and a mystery or two intertwined, it looks at how our choices affect our life, our happiness and the lives of others.

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