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Vaya Con Dios

Length: 255 pages5 hours


This book is a sweeping volume of captivating true incidents arranged chronologically. Starting with my childhood (crawl, walk and run) development in a remote village. During pre-adulthood days I learnt a lot from nature. The book also relates to my tryst with Lady Death on three occasions I also had close encounters with Jawaharlal Nehru, our First Prime Minister, Dr. Rajinder Prasad, the first President of an Independent India, Lord Mountbatten the last Viceroy, Raja Gopalacharya, India’s first Governor, and dozens others, who made a difference in my life. There are chapters on my teenage, graduate schooling in the only American campus in the whole Southeast Asia. The looting on the train to Bombay, when my tickets for travel by ship to UK were robbed during severe Hindu/Muslim riots. The partition of India was the most cruel, vicious, and poisonous scorch earth policy, which sandwiched India between two fanatic hateful Muslim wings, speaking different languages. I was a non-violent Satyagrahi Student volunteer under Mahatma Gandhi, participating in his “Quit India” scheme. Yet I traveled like a stow-away sardine, along with 10000 British Soldiers who had to Quit under that very scheme.

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